Woolworths shakes up its vegan product offerings

A vegan shopper purchases fresh fruit and vegetables

Woolworths has announced major changes to its vegan product lines, with popular American brand Tofurky soon to be available throughout all Australian stores.

The Facebook announcement, made by Torfuky Australia yesterday, ended weeks of speculation following the axing of competitor brand Vege Delights.

Tofurky founder Seth Tibbot told shoppers he was “thrilled” to help expand the plant based options available at Woolworths.

Vegan friendly Beer Brat Sausages, Smoked Ham Deli Slices, Lightly Seasoned Slow Roasted Chick’n and Jumbo Hot Dogs will appear in stores nationwide from next week.

“We are just so thrilled to be part of Woolworths’ extension of the plant based food set,” Mr Tibbot said. “They have a good vision of the future and we want to be part of that”.

Vegan shoppers have welcomed the news as an indicator that plant based options are becoming more readily accepted in Australia:

 Woolworths is really getting on to the vegan food! 

 Ten years ago you couldn’t find any vegan products except tofu.

 It’s great to see the demand for vegan products growing and becoming so accessible.

Having been vegan for 10 years there was a time when brands such as Tofurky were only read about in Australia! Now they will be in chain supermarkets… things have definitely changed a lot in just 10 years!

Woolies expanding its plant based products is a really exciting shift and reflective of all the individual choices people have made… Of course our decisions matter.

In January, the Vegie Delights brand was removed from Woolworths shelves, prompting speculation the grocery giant was shaking up its vegan offerings.



  1. These vegan brands could do well with being responsive to the large amount of feedback that vegan customers contribute back to the company. I know of a lot of complaints about existing vegan products, people saying that the food is yucky, and it’s very important that the research and development of great-tasting vegan food continues and expands. Here’s to a new and glorious generation of vegan fine foods!

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    • We hear ya Marc, bring on the glorious vegan foods! Hopefully we’ll continue to see innovation and improvements in plant based food products, both in Australia and across the globe.


  2. I’m devoted to doing my supermarket shopping at Woolworths now because of their plant-based range. It has been so exciting to see the range expand over the last few months. Heaps of options now!!


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