Revealed: What’s happening to Biocheese?

Vegans want to know if MyLife Biocheese will continue being stocked by WoolworthsMyLife Biocheese will continue to be stocked by Woolworths stores nationally, with another dairy alternative, Sheese by Bute Island Foods, also appearing on shelves.

This news ends weeks of speculation amongst Australia’s vegan community that Biocheese may be axed by Woolworths, following changes to its plant based groceries.

“Woolworth are implementing the upgrades to their ‘vegetarian’ section on February 26th to March 3rd nationally”, MyLife told writers.

“MyLife Biocheese will remain stocked in Woolworths nationally, with a couple of changes to the product lines, which until now has been limited to our cheddar range”.

“We are thrilled to be able to launch the Biocheese Pizza shred variety as part of this review”, MyLife spokespeople said.

Meanwhile, Bute Island Foods Australia has announced that it will also land in Woolworths stores next Monday.

“We’re so excited to see times changing like this as more and more people embrace the joys of plant based alternatives”, Bute Island Foods posted on Facebook yesterday.

“Big props to Woolies for stepping up – and to you for making your desires known, as that’s what it all comes down to!”

“Our Australian friends are leading the world when it comes to interest in vegan products and, as part of this, demand for dairy-free cheese alternatives is through the roof”.

The Bute Island range will include vegan friendly Creamy Original cheese, Grated Mozzarella, Mature Cheddar and Red Leicester Style Slices.

MyLife BioCheese will continue to be stocked at independent stores across Australia, with BioCheese Parmesano landing at IGA soon.

Vegan shoppers have welcomed these latest announcements as another sign that plant based options are entering mainstream Australia.


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