McVegan burger reaches over 150,000 sales

Trials of the McVegan burger have proven hugely successful in Finland and Sweden

Last year, vegans around the world welcomed news that fast food giant McDonald’s would trial a vegan burger in selected markets.

Now Orkla Foods, the company involved in developing the McVegan, has revealed that trial sales in Finland and Sweden reached over 150 000 last month.

“People want to eat more plant-based food, partly because of health reasons, but also because of environmental seasons”, Orkla CEO Peter Ruzicka told business media.

Mr Ruzicka said the McVegan burger has received worldwide attention, and has been ‘very successful’ and ‘very exciting’.

The McVegan resembles the iconic Big Mac, and consists of a soy patty served with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and eggless McFeast sauce.

Danish journalist Sidsel Overgaard described the McVegan as, “firm, weighty, a tiny bit smoky with a strange – but not unpleasant – note of instant ramen”.

With the success of McVegan sales overseas, Australia’s plant based community have taken to social media, urging McDonalds to bring the soy burger Down Under.  

Seriously Australia is begging for a Vegan fast food chain…. I give it 18mths…

What a time to be vegan!!!

Take my money. All of it!

Whilst there’s no official launch date for the McVegan in Australia, McDonalds execs have hinted that the soy patty could be seen in other burgers coming soon.

Vegans who would like to provide direct feedback to McDonald’s Australia can do so via the online contact form.

Australia has the third-fastest growing vegan population worldwide, with plant based Aussies counting for an impressive 8.7% of the total population.

Video: McDonald’s Finland
Image: McDonald’s Sweden


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