Aussie vegans campaign for chicken welfare

 Australian vegans are calling for an end to poultry farmingAustralia’s plant based community is calling for an end to chicken farming.

A new petition launched by Vegan Australia coincides with a State Government led enquiry into the poultry industry, and the first review of national standards for chicken welfare in 15 years.

With a spotlight currently on Australia’s poultry industry, vegans have been called upon to evoke meaningful change in the interests of our feathered friends, by signing the submission available online.

“This public inquiry gives us a chance to educate the public about the suffering of birds in the poultry industry”, Director of Vegan Australia, Mr Greg McFarlane said.

“People are shocked to find out the horror that happens inside those chicken sheds”, Mr McFarlane added.

“They discover that no matter what farming ‘system’ is used, whether caged, barn or ‘free range’, the chickens all suffer throughout their short lives and they all die in a slaughterhouse at a fraction of their natural lifespan”.

In Australia, over half a billion chickens are bred and slaughtered every year, whilst a further 18 million hens are used for egg laying.

Chickens suffer in factory conditions, and most are subjected to overcrowding, unnatural lighting, induced moulting, rough handling and confinement.

Many chickens undergo beak trimming without pain relief, and hens used for egg laying do so at an unnaturally rapid rate.

Male chicks produced by the egg industry are killed shortly after birth; whilst poultry chickens are slaughtered at a premature age of just six weeks.

More than 700 people have already lent their support to Vegan Australia, with 1,000 signatures expected before submissions close this Monday 26th February at 5pm.


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