Drop everything. Vegan Easter chocolate is coming to Aldi!

Vegan friendly Easter chocolate is available nowHop to it, because vegan Easter chocolate has never been easier to find!

Aldi will launch its range of dairy and egg free Easter chocolate this Wednesday 28th February, which is suitable for vegans and people with food allergies.

The range will include a Choices Free From Easter Egg, in white choc and chocolate orange flavours.

Aldi will also offer a Sweet William Chocolate Bunny, which apart from being vegan friendly, is also free from nuts, wheat and gluten.

Australian retailers are increasingly catering to a growing vegan market, with plant based Aussies comprising 8.7% of the total population.

Aldi isn’t the only retailer cottoning on, either! Here’s just a few of the delicious, cruelty free Easter goodies on offer this year:

Kinnerton Confectionery

The sustainable chocolatiers at Kinnerton Confectionery have launched a Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, which is perfect for vegans and people with allergies.

The Kinnerton Free From range contains no eggs, dairy, nuts or gluten. It’s also easy to find, being stocked at major retailers such as Woolworths, Coles and Target.

Lindt Dark Chocolate

The iconic Gold Bunny is an Easter favourite that vegans no longer have to miss! The Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny is available in a range of sizes from major retailers such as Coles, Woolworths, Target and Myer.

Haigh’s Chocolates

Haigh’s Dark Chocolate is dairy, egg and gluten free, and their entire range is also free from non-sustainable palm oil.

Every year, Haigh’s produces a Dark Chocolate Easter Bilby, with proceeds going towards protecting the bilby’s native environment.

Moo Free Chocolate

As the name suggests, Moo Free Chocolate is proudly free from dairy, egg and gluten. Their entire range is vegan friendly.

Moo Free offers a range of Easter eggs, including ‘bunnycomb’, ‘cheeky orange’ and ‘choccy drop’ flavours.

For more chocolate options, visit our friends at Melbourne Cow Save, who regularly update their list of Easter goodies on offer this year:



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