Ready-made frozen vegan meals could soon be a thing!

Vegie Delights is considering introducing vegan frozen mealsWeeks after being removed from Woolworths shelves, plant-based producers Vegie Delights may be considering a comeback in the frozen food aisle.

The popular brand has asked social media followers whether they’d like to see prepackaged, ready-made meals created by Vegie Delights.

“It’s survey time! A while back you told us that you’d be thrilled if we would make the entire Vegie Delights range vegan… DONE”, Vegie Delights told Facebook fans.

“Now we’re really keen to find out what you think about the potential idea of us launching Vegie Delights meal solutions”.

Vegie Delights has asked vegan shoppers in Australia and New Zealand to “have their say” in an online survey.

“In this survey we’ll be going through a few questions regarding your likes, dislikes and consumption of pre-packaged meals”, the poll states.

“Just to be clear, the term meal refers to packaged ready-to-eat, quick and easy meal solutions that you’ll only have to heat up in the microwave or on the stove top”.

The survey asks participants to consider whether they purchase prepackaged meals from the freezer or chiller; and whether that happens at breakfast, lunch or dinnertime.

Vegan shoppers are also quizzed about their motivations for buying prepackaged meals, including factors such as taste, convenience and cost.

Intriguingly, the survey even includes mock-ups of ‘Vegie Delights Mexican Chilli Non Carne’, ‘Indian Vegetable Korma’ and ‘Continental Vegie Sausage & Bean Mix’.

Vegan shoppers are asked to assess the appeal of these potential products, based on factors such as proposed cost and serving size.

Survey participants have the chance to win 1 of 3 e-shopping vouchers, with the poll closing this Thursday 8th March.

Australia’s plant based community appears to be supportive of the Vegie Delights concept, provided those prepackaged options stay affordable:

There is a huge hole in the supermarket frozen meal product range waiting for your product to hit freezer shelves. Please proceed! Just try to keep them affordable.

I’m looking forward to trying these meals!! This is a great idea especially for new vegans who don’t know how to make meals and a great standby for days when you can’t be bothered cooking!!!

I would cry of pure joy. Already sobbing at the sight of vegetable korma and chilli non-carne, omg!

Image credit: Vegie Delights

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