Vegan mozzarella is BACK at Domino’s!

Domino's has replenished stocks of its vegan mozzarella

The wait is finally over – vegan mozzarella is back on the menu at Domino’s!

“We asked and you voted for Vegan Cheese to be added to the Domino’s menu,” the popular pizza chain told app subscribers today.

“Thank you for voting and thank you for the overwhelming response – we were so happy to see that you loved it as much as we did.”

Australia’s plant-based community is thrilled by the return of vegan mozzarella, with many taking to social media to post updates about availability at their local stores.

Customers are being encouraged to phone their local store to avoid disappointment – however writers can confirm dairy-free mozzarella was available within Brisbane as of tonight, March 8th!

The plant-based pizzas on offer at Domino’s now include avocado veg, spicy veg trio and vegan margherita; whilst vegan mozzarella can be added to any pizza for just $2.95.

In January, the Domino’s trial of vegan mozzarella proved so popular that stores were unable to meet ongoing demand.

Domino’s CEO Nick Knight said the response to vegan mozzarella was big, “but we had no idea it was going to be this big”.

“We’re excited that customers love this product as much as we do, and that we have been able to source a cheese alternative that vegan customers have given their tick of approval on”.

“The popularity of, and demand for, vegan products has increased considerably over the years so it’s great we are now able to offer this”, Mr Knight said.

Domino’s vegan mozzarella is produced by US company Follow Your Heart, and is described as having a “creamy, authentic cheese flavour, while offering a similar texture to dairy-based cheese”.

Vegan cheese is back on the menu!

A screenshot from the Domino’s pizza ordering app


  1. Hmm.. I’m looking all over their facebook where they said they’ll announce when it is back, and can’t see any mention. Have tried checking a few stores in Victoria and can’t order the vegan cheese online, and haven’t had any emails either letting me know it is back.


    • Hi Ekul, thanks for your comment! At the time of writing this article, the Domino’s app was promoting the return of vegan cheese, and their plant-based menu was available online here: Our team was able to order vegan pizzas last week, so we can only recommend phoning your local Domino’s store to check stock. Hope you get to enjoy some delish vegan eats soon! 😀


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