Vegan dining on the rise across Australia

Arrivederci Pizzeria serves vegan pizzaAustralia represents the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world, and restaurateurs around the country are taking note.

Brisbane based restaurateur David Silvestri, from Arrivederci Pizzeria in Milton, believes that vegan options have a place alongside traditional menus.

Last week, his restaurant launched an all-new vegan menu, designed to make it easier for vegans to dine out with their omni family members.

“Our initial intention was simply to make vegan cheese available, but from there, we realised the demand for a specialised vegan menu was huge,” David said.

“Australia has many incredible vegan cafes, but options are limited when it comes to mainstream restaurants suitable for vegans and the rest of their family.”

Arrivederci Pizzeria now offers an extensive vegan menu; including entrees, mains and desserts, alongside traditional Italian dishes.

Plant-based diners can enjoy homemade bruschetta, vegan arancini, mushroom carbonara, peri peri risotto, and even vegan tiramisu served with hazelnut gelato.

“The response has been amazing,” David said, “We’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback online, and can’t believe how kind and supportive everyone has been”.

Arrivederci was completely booked out for last week’s launch of the vegan menu, with the arancini and other popular items completely selling out.

“That’s never happened before, where we’ve had such an instant response to a menu change”, David said, “They loved the food.”

Arrivederci’s vegan options are currently only available for dine-in, to allow the restaurant to keep up with demand. 

However, David does plan to make the vegan menu available for take-away and delivery customers, within the coming weeks.

David has asked the plant-based community to continue supporting Arrivederci’s vegan menu, and other options like it.

“To keep our vegan menu fresh, and to continue providing quality vegan food, we’re relying on people to carry on that enthusiasm and support”.

For bookings, contact Arrivederci Pizzeria. Buon appetito!

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