Australia’s first vegan only bottle shop has arrived!

Australia's first vegan bottle store has arrived!Melbourne has solidified its reputation as Australia’s vegan capital, thanks to the launch of our country’s first-ever vegan only bottle shop.

Sibling Vegan Bottle Shop was opened by Aria Yousefian and his sister Zohreh, in the south-west suburb of Altona, about six weeks ago.

The shop specialises in vegan-only beverages, selling beer, wine and spirits; along with tea, coffee and snacks.

Aria is a long-term vegan, who has been overwhelmed by the support he has received from Australia’s plant-based community.

“I can’t believe how many people have contacted me since the shop opened”, Aria told writers.

“The vegan community has been amazing, and they are very happy about what we’ve done here… We sincerely did not expect such a fast response.”

Sibling Vegan Bottle Shop offers an extensive range of craft beers, organic wines, ciders and liqueurs; with Aria ensuring that every product is cruelty-free.

“I would not make money from animals, I try and research everything as much as I can, to give back to the vegan community”, Aria said.

Every weekday at 7am, Aria, Zohreh and the team also serve up take-away coffees with almond, oat, rice and soy milk options.

Aria says the shop has been embraced by non-vegan shoppers too.

“When I’m talking to my customers, many are surprised that alcohol contains animal products, and don’t realise how cruel these products can be”, Aria said.

“It’s such a great feeling when people who are not vegan buy wine from me and feel good about it – especially customers with allergies or those who avoid dairy”.

Many Australians would be surprised to learn that there is a plethora of animal byproducts found in alcoholic beverages.

The ‘fining’ process, during which alcohol is filtered or ‘refined’ during brewing, often involves the use of animal products.

Ingredients such as gelatin, egg whites, milk, casein, seashells, honey and even isinglass – made from fish bladders – are not uncommon.

By contrast, vegan wines use mineral or plant-based materials (such as betonite and charcoal) during the fining process.

Aria, Zohreh and the Sibling Bottle Shop team hope to continue their mission of bringing quality vegan products to Melbourne’s shoppers.

“I have been searching around, [and] we are the first vegan bottle shop ever”, Aria posted online, “Love ya’ll”.

Sibling Vegan Bottle Shop can be found via Facebook, or visit the team at 3 Ford Road, Altona. 

PS: Aria is also a vegan heavy metal rocker, how rad is that!?
(Pictured below with his sister Zohreh). 

A vegan only bottle shop has opened in Melbourne


  1. That’s so great guys!!!! Well done!!
    Also I’ll do a shout out for my favourite new vegan joint in Brisbane .. Sure for us little Brisbaneites it’s bigger of a thing as for Melbourne folk but new burger joint Veganburgz in the valley is setting taste buds on fire 🔥 and hope they do even more well!! Been 3 times past week.. I’m a bit biased now!! Lol 😆


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