Grill’d introduces a limited edition vegan ‘bunny’ burger

Grill'd has launched a vegan burgerPopular burger chain Grill’d has released a limited edition vegan ‘Bunny Burger’ in time for Easter – however the move has not been without controversy.

The Bunny Burger is made with 100% vegan ingredients, including a ‘beef’ patty, zucchini and kale slaw, shredded carrot, dill pickles and mustard mayonnaise.

“It’s a burger fit for a bunny”, Grill’d told fans online, “And for people that love plants, burgers, and plant-based burgers”.

Whilst some vegans have welcomed the addition of more plant-based choices at Grill’d, others have slammed the chain for their cryptic marketing campaign, which included the use of rabbit imagery.

“Dear Grill’d, take your bunny burger and Hopp Off”, wrote one Facebook follower. “I wouldn’t set foot in your establishment if you paid me. Thoroughly revolting and thoughtless promotion”.

“Good on you for making a vegan burger, but understanding the ethics behind the vegan movement would be a great improvement also”, another follower said.

This is not the first time Grill’d has released a burger to coincide with Easter – last year the chain was slammed for their use of real rabbit meat.

“We’re working really hard to create new menu items that speak to occasions across the calendar year”, founder Simon Crowe said at the time.

“We’re not your traditional burger joint and we’re willing to raise a few hares, pardon the pun, along the way in order to bring new tastes and fresh thinking to our customers”.

Grill’d currently offers a Veggie Vitality burger, made with a quinoa pattie, that is a permanent menu fixture for vegan diners.


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