Melbourne’s first vegan only pub has landed!

Grey Cells Green will serve up vegan only food and drinksAustralia is leading the world when it comes to plant-based dining, and now Melbourne has its first vegan only pub.

Grey Cells Green opened on Melbourne’s famous Chapel Street just 6 weeks ago, serving up an entirely vegan beer and wine list, along with pub-style food.

Owners Maria and Bruce Mclaverty, who are both long-term vegans, were inspired by similar venues overseas in Berlin.

“We wanted to go beyond the idea of creating a bar menu with vegan options,” explained Maria, “Instead we wanted to create a fully vegan dining experience.”

“Sometimes asking for vegan options in restaurants or bars can be problematic – we wanted to remove the guesswork by providing quality locally produced food and drinks.”

The husband and wife duo have worked with some of Victoria’s best distillers, brewers and winemakers, to source an entirely vegan beverage list.

The menu at Grey Cells Green currently includes vegan burgers, quesadillas, nachos, bruschetta and other popular bar snacks.

Maria and Bruce are also recruiting for a new vegan chef to run the entirely plant-based kitchen at Grey Cells Green.

“We’re working to adapt the current menu as winter weather sets in,” said Bruce, “We want our food and drinks to incorporate seasonality and fresh ingredients”.

Melbourne vegans have welcomed this latest addition to the plant-based dining scene, with Maria and Bruce saying the response has been incredibly positive.

“It has been very important for us to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, with the feel of a friendly local pub that both vegans and those who are vegan curious can enjoy,” said Maria.

“Our customers can rest assured that we would never compromise the vegan nature of our business – in fact, we quality check every product that we use”.

Maria and Bruce say they’ve seen a noticeable shift in the way Australians are embracing plant-based foods today.

“There is so much incredible vegan cuisine in Australia, and when people realise they don’t have to miss out on taste, that can make a real difference”.

Grey Cells Greens will also offer a small venue space, where Maria and Bruce hope to host animal advocacy groups for meetings and events.

“We want to give back to the vegan community and support animal advocacy however we can”, the couple said.

For more information, visit Grey Cells Green at 50 Chapel St, Windsor VIC. Grey Cells Green is also on Facebook.

Cover image: Via Shutterstock

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