San Churro’s drool-worthy new vegan menu is here!

IMG_4467This week, Chocolateria San Churro launched its autumn menu, with the popular franchise serving up all-new vegan desserts and drinks.

The team from was amongst the first to taste San Churro’s mouthwatering menu additions!

We sampled The Happy Vegan, a fresh made-to-order churro bowl rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with vegan Salted Caramel and Honeycomb Gelato.

The Happy Vegan is topped with dark chocolate, smashed Oreos and fresh strawberries, and is total cruelty-free decadence!

We also tried the delicious new Choc Caramel Craving Shake, made with Bonsoy; and the Go Troppo Smoothie, topped with creamy coconut foam.

Meanwhile the Original Churros Snack Pack, now served with Dark Chocolate or Cookie Butter, offers a vegan twist on an old favourite.

Whilst San Churro has always used a vegan-friendly churros recipe, plant-based Aussies can now enjoy 24 different options at the Spanish-inspired chocolatier.

San Churro even has the seal of approval from PETA, with the animal rights group saying that plant-based desserts are now truly a ‘piece of cake’.

“Forward-thinking businesses such as San Churro – who are listening to their customers and introducing tasty vegan options – are reaping the rewards”, said PETA Head of Campaigns, Mini Bekhechi.

San Churro is also working to source and develop a more sustainable range of takeaway packaging, with hopes to roll those solutions out this year.

“San Churro approaches all areas of our business with a long-term mindset — and, sustainability is no different”, ‎San Churro CEO and Founder, Giro Maurici, told exclusively.

“We also recently partnered with KeepCup to launch a range of reusable cups available for purchase in our stores, and offer 20 cents off any hot drink when customers bring in their own reusable cup”, Mr Maurici said.

Australia constitutes the third-fastest growing vegan market worldwide, with plant-based Aussies counting for an impressive 8.7% of our total population.

Will you be heading in store to support San Churro’s new vegan offerings? Tell us in the comments below.

One comment

  1. People everywhere are celebrating vegan options at nonvegan cafes/restaurants/bars etc.

    Veganism is an ethical movement, not a food party. These businesses will be in no hurry to turn vegan, but are happy to make a buck off people who fawn over their ‘vegan options.’

    Is it good they offer vegan options? Of course. Should ‘vegans’ flock to them because they’ve made some concession to veganism? No, they should support and patronize the growing number of vegan places first, and go to these other places only because it’s practical eg they’re nearby, there are no vegan places around etc.

    The typical reaction to these types of comments is, “Ah, what a wowzer. He should be making the most of everything that’s vegan.”

    Well, a place that isn’t vegan, isn’t vegan. It has vegan options.

    Why are people going out of their way to fork their money over to nonvegan establishments? Support vegan places first, then these places on secondary basis, and don’t make a song and dance about it.


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