Benedict Cumberbatch is vegan!

shutterstock_171495908To the delight of Cumberbabes everywhere, Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he’s a vegan!  

The Dr Strange actor was quizzed about getting into shape for the latest Avengers: Infinity War movie, when he told Time Out, “I eat a plant-based diet”.

The actor also said that during a recent promotional tour in Singapore, he’d sampled local cuisine, “as much as a vegan can”.

In a third interview with YouTube star Sophia Grace, the actor commented that he eats Nando’s, “only if they’ve got vegan options”.

Benedict Cumberbatch has never shied away from sharing his political and social views, discussing everything from feminism, to bullying and the role of social media today.

In 2016, Cumberbatch featured on the cover of British GQ, wearing vegan boots and a suit made from cruelty-free wool by Brave GentleMan.

He’s also not the first Avenger to adopt a plant-based diet, with actor Chris Hemsworth ditching meat and dairy during the filming of Thor: Ragnarok.

Vegan Cumberbabes have taken to social media to express their delight, and to welcome Benedict Cumberbatch into the plant-based community:

Always felt an affinity for this brave, fierce, gentle man.

One more reason to love him!

One of my favourite actors and NOT jut because he’s VEGAN.

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