Kim Kardashian chooses faux fur

Kim Kardashian claims that faux fur is her 'new thing'

Kim Kardashian is far from being known as a friend to the animals, however the reality star has taken to Instagram today to reveal that she’s choosing faux fur.

Donning a faux fur jacket, Ms Kardashian recreated a classic Cher look whilst attending the pop icon’s concert in Las Vegas overnight.

She told Instagram followers, “Faux Fur… it’s my new thing”.

Taking her cues from Cher’s 1974 production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ms Kardashian also teamed the jacket with a midriff-bearing halter top and black pants.

Later, Ms Kardashian called Cher her ‘style icon’, and told fans: “Hey guys, these nails only mean I’m here in Vegas to see Cher. I have blue nails, this coat is faux fur.”

Kim Kardashian has long been criticised for her choice to wear genuine animal fur, and has even been flour-bombed by members of PETA on one occasion. 

Fans have been divided by the reality star’s latest choice to adopt faux fur, with some claiming it’s too little late, whilst others have welcomed the change:

Was about damn time, Kimmy.

Yay!!! All models and designers should go for it!!! I mean no need to wear real one! Faux is the best way to go.

Great outfit!! A good example that faux fur can also look glamorous!

About time. Because there so many animals dying for your stupid scarf…

Y’all better start dropping real fur. YES to FAUX fur!

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Faux Fur…it’s my new thing ❤️🔥💋

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