ASOS to ditch feathers, silk, cashmere and more!

ASOS is the latest retailer to choose less crueltySustainable shoppers have welcomed the news that international online retailer ASOS will ban all products using animal feathers, down, mohair, angora, silk, cashmere, bone, teeth or shell by January 2019.

Boasting more than 12 million active customers worldwide, ASOS has also updated its Animal Welfare Policy to state, “ASOS firmly believes it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics”.

The online fashion giant has specified that ASOS suppliers must “not use any part of vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild-caught species in their products”.

Further provisions have been made for the use of wool and leather, with ASOS stating these products can only be sourced “from suppliers with good animal husbandry”.

ASOS’s decision follows a recent exposé by PETA which revealed the shocking treatment of goats used to produce mohair in South Africa. 

“PETA applauds ASOS for leading the charge for compassion in fashion”, said PETA’s Outreach and Partnerships Liaison, Emily Rice.

“In response to PETA’s campaigns, consumers are changing the face of the industry by demanding that designers and retailers ditch animal-derived materials in favour of cruelty-free alternatives that look great without causing suffering.”

In fact, ASOS is the latest in a line of major fashion brands to reduce their use of animal products.

Luxury brands including Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Tom Ford and Versace have recently banned the use of fur.

Meanwhile, high-street retailers such as H&M, Topshop and Zara have dumped mohair from their product lines.

Cover image: Via Shutterstock

Do you wear imitation fur, leather or other cruelty-free fashion products? Should ASOS move to ban wool and leather too? Tell us in the comments below:

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