Osher Günsberg the first ever plant-based Men’s Health cover model

Osher Gunsberg is Australia's first vegan cover modelFeast your eyes, because Osher Günsberg just became Australia’s first ever plant-based Men’s Health cover model!

The much-loved Bachelor in Paradise host used this opportunity to promote positive mental health, along with the benefits of a plant-based diet:

“I’d always said I’d never take my shirt off on camera unless it was for the cover of Men’s Health Australia”, Osher told Facebook fans.

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“This is me, with my shirt off on the cover of Men’s Health Australia, and I’m the first plant-based person to do so in Australia.”

“Over ten weeks I lost 9kg of fat and gained 2.5kg of lean muscle by eating nothing but plants and training every day until I was a flat pancake on the gym floor.”

Osher also described his recent mental health journey, including a decision last December to come off antipsychotics and OCD medication: 

“It’s now seven months off meds, and I’m still under doctor’s supervision – because there’s a big difference between not taking meds and not NEEDING to take meds.

“To keep it that way – resistance training is something I do almost every single day. I spend time on my bike almost every single day. I eat with purpose and consideration every single day.

“Sure it takes time, but that’s an investment in my health but more importantly in the quality of my relationships at home and at work.”

The 44-year-old has been congratulated for his efforts and honesty, with both vegan and vegan-curious fans expressing their support online:

Thank you Osher for shining a positive light on plant based living! You look incredible & I’m so proud of you sharing your journey with us. It helps me feel more ‘normal’.

More evidence that Osher has always been the real catch on The Bachelor!

YES! So happy to hear your physical and mental health are in a good place. Also yay for being vegan! 💚🌱

Which plant-based role model would you like to see grace the cover of Men’s Health next?

Images via: Facebook.


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