Say ¡Hola! to vegan cheese at Zambrero

Vegan cheese is now part of the menu at Zambrero

Much-loved Mexican favourite, Zambrero, has just launched vegan cheese to its 170 Australian stores!

Biocheese, a non-GMO and gluten free vegan cheese, will become a permanent addition to the Zambrero menu.

The vegan alternative is made from coconut oil and has a rich, cheddar flavour – free from lactose, whey, casein, soy and palm oil.

Add vegan cheese to your Zambrero favourite

Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world, and Zambrero CEO Bianca Azzopardi says customer demand for plant-based products is surging: 

“Across the industry we have seen an increase in the desire for vegan-friendly products, not only by vegans but also those that are lactose intolerant and health conscious.”

“We know it can be tricky to find consistency in plant-based alternatives, especially that taste really good, and we continue to aim to position Zambrero as the first choice for a healthy, vegan-friendly meal”, Ms Azzopardi said.

From bowl to burrito, taco to quesadilla – vegan cheese can now be added to your favourite Zambrero meal for as little as $1.

During August last year, Zambrero also added spiced cauliflower to its menu, offering another vegan-friendly alternative to meat fillings.

Have you tried Zambrero’s new vegan cheese? Tell us in the comments below!

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