Spooky treats for a very vegan Halloween!


If you’re not ready to give up the ghouls of Halloween, there are still plenty of vegan treats you can sink your fangs into. We’ve compiled a list of the best vegan lollies which are sure to impress neighbourhood door-knockers, so you can have all the treats and no tricks!

1. Sour Patch Kids

Some of our favourite vegan treats! Sour Patch Kids are gelatine free and a perfectly themed lolly for your Halloween festivities. Sour Patch Kids can be found at most local grocery stores, including Coles and Woolworths.

2. Chupa Chups: Cola & Orange

Is it even Halloween without a Chupa Chup lolly pop? Cola and Orange flavours are vegan friendly, and the perfect colour scheme for Halloween! Chupa Chups can be found at most local grocery stores, including Coles, Woolworths and convenience stores.

3. Sweetworld 101 Rainbow Sherbet Straws

These colourful sherbet straws will brighten up your Halloween party! They’re a delicious treat, come in individual servings (perfect for handing out to door-knockers), and vegan friendly! Sherbet Straws can be purchased at Big W for as little as $2.15. Please recycle packaging responsibly.

4. X-Treme Sour Straps

Vegan-friendly strawberry sour straps… Need we say more? You can find these tasty treats in stores such as Big W and Coles. Careful though, because these sour suckers promise to leave you with a pucker face!

5. Wizz Fizz sherbet

The crazy characters on the Wizz Fizz Original packets make this tingly treat perfect for Halloween! Wizz Fizz sherbets can be found at most local grocery stores, including Woolworths and Coles.

6. Eco-Vital Sour Snakes, Gummy Bears, Fruity Hearts, Jelly Fruits, and Wine Gums

Eco-Vital’s gelatine free treats are bursting with organic fruity flavour! There’ll be a spooky line-up at your door with these lollies. They can be found at The Cruelty Free Shop, Vegan Online, or Allergy Train.

There’s no need to fear this Halloween, as these popular lollies are all free from animal products! We’ve done our research to bring you this list but it’s always important to check the ingredients for yourself, as these can change often. Please recycle packaging responsibly, and let your spirits soar!

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