5 activities for Melbourne Cup day (that don’t harm horses)

greg-norman-635349-unsplashAt VeganNews.com.au, we try to focus on uplifting lifestyle content that shows how simple and rewarding veganism can be. We have dedicated spaces for activism too, where community members so inclined can discuss animal and environmental welfare topics.

However, Melbourne Cup gets under our skin just a little too much – as a national ‘celebration’ that is almost guaranteed to have fatal consequences for at least one horse. We find this toll unacceptable, and so we’ve complied an alternative list of activities to enjoy during Melbourne Cup – that don’t involve harming horses or profiting from animals.

1. Make a DIY flower crown

Why spend your hard-earned dollars on a fascinator you may only wear once? Venture into your garden and pick some Spring blossoms, then fashion your own DIY flower crown using up-cycled fabrics. Alternatively, grab your craft supplies (our borrow some from the stationary cupboard at work), and get busy creating the fanciest paper hat you can design.


2. Op-shop for the perfect Spring frock

You don’t have to miss out on Spring fashions just because you don’t support horse racing, either. Head to your local op-shop in search of the perfect seasonal frock, and breathe new life into a pre-loved garment. Challenge yourself and your friends to put together a party look for less than $15. (Bonus points if your outfit includes thrift shop shoes, hats and accessories!)

3. Set-up a backyard marquee

Enjoy the glamour of your very own backyard marquee, by stringing up a sheet, fairy-lights or tent at home. Challenge yourself to create the most enticing outdoor space, and then set-up a picnic full of vegan goodies to enjoy. We promise you’ll derive much more enjoyment and satisfaction from watching birds and other native animals in their natural surroundings!

4. Buy your own ‘Melbourne Cup’

The clever folk at Over The Moo have launched their very own ‘Melbourne Cup’, for people who are #overthemelbournecup race. One hundred per cent of profits from the sale of this cup go to The Coalition of The Protection of Racehorses. Enjoy your very own ‘Melbourne Cup’ with your favourite tea, coffee or even a cheeky drink of champers!

“At Over The Moo we believe that everyone can make a difference. Even small businesses, like us, can take a stand on important issues and speak up for what they believe in. For us, the cruelty of horse racing is an issue we wanted to highlight using our platform,” said Alex Houseman, Founder of Over The Moo.

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Let’s spill some tea 🍵 with Melbourne Cup day approaching, I am reminded of how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. I don’t support horse racing and I know a lot of you probably don’t either, because we love and care about horses (and all animals). We don’t want these beautiful animals to suffer. You can do your bit in many ways: speak up for them via your social media (in a polite and informative way, of course), don’t take part in the day (your money is your support, after all) and if you and your friends are like-minded, perhaps you can hold a little party at home and not at the expense of these beautiful horses! I made up some little choc treats from @thecleantreatsfactory and cut up some fresh fruit, have a tub of @overthemoo ice cream ready to serve plus this amazing mug (which 100% of the profits go to the Coalition for Protection of Race Horses). You can still dress up and have some fun, but we don’t have to hurt animals in the process! Isn’t that amazing? Follow the link in my bio to help support @overthemoo and the Coalition and get yourself one to these super cool and meaningful mugs 💕 anything you can do counts, the horses need you!

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5. Donate your bets

Rather than betting on horse-racing this year, make a donation to Animals Australia, The Coalition of The Protection of Racehorses, or an animal advocacy group of your choosing. The reality is that where-ever horse-racing is, death follows. In fact, on average one horse will die on Australian racetracks every 3 days.

As Einstein said, “What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.” This year, let’s all take another firm step towards eradicating horse-racing from popular culture in Australia. You can pledge not to support the horse-racing industry, by visiting this website.

For more information about the animal welfare concerns related to horse-racing, please visit: www.horseracingkills.com

Greg Norman

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