5 of Australia’s best-loved vegan skincare brands

Makeup applicationOur skin absorbs up to 60% of whatever we apply to it – which can have real implications if our skincare products are made from synthetics, or contain harmful chemicals, toxins and perfumes.

If you’re thinking about embracing a kinder and cleaner diet, why not make a similar change to your beauty supplies? Vegan beauty products are produced without animal testing (termed ‘cruelty free’), and don’t contain animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, carmine, gelatin and animal acids.

In most cases, vegan skincare products will also help nourish the skin – particularly for people prone towards sensitivities. In fact, many plant-based skincare products contain hydrating vitamins, minerals and natural soothing botanicals.

Here’s five of our favourite vegan skincare brands, all developed right here in Australia:

1. Sukin

Launched in Melbourne, Sukin aims to provide affordable and sustainable skincare solutions. Sukin products are made from Australian botanicals, natural antioxidants and essential oils – but the ingredients that aren’t included is what makes Sukin special.

Sukin products are free from petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, artificial colours, harsh detergents, phthalates, silicones and a range of other toxins that can be tough on our skin – and even tougher on the environment.

With products that extend across face, body and hair – the Sukin range offers reasonably priced options that are 100% vegan and cruelty free – along with unique formulations specifically for men and babies.

2. Biome

Much loved Brisbane eco-brand, Biome, has always offered a handpicked range of responsible skincare brands that are certified organic, vegan, Australian made, cruelty free, and palm oil free. Biome is so committed to sourcing skincare products that are kind to the environment (and kind to your skin), that their team has recently launched a ‘DIY Naked Beauty Bar.’

This unique concept offers shoppers the opportunity to make their own beauty products from raw, natural ingredients – containing nothing but plant, ocean and earth elements. (Think essential oils, flowers, herbs, clays, salts and other sustainably sourced ingredients.)

At the Naked Beauty Bar, shoppers can create everything from sumptuous body scrubs, to face masks, body butter, deodorant and toothpaste. This process will quickly remove harmful chemicals and unnecessary packaging from your beauty cabinet. Biome can also help to simplify your skincare routine – as many DIY beauty products can in fact serve various purposes in hydrating, nourishing and illuminating the skin!

3. Issada

Brisbane born beauty company, Issada, specialises in making beautiful makeup products that are vegan, cruelty free and contain enriching ingredients (such as essential oils, flowers, herbs, vitamins and minerals.)

Issada favourites such as the Mineral Velvet Cream Foundation contain no parabens, incorporate protective sunscreen (made from zinc and titanium oxide), and arrive in minimalist packaging.

The Issada Mineral Lip Crayon is also cleverly designed to act as a 3-in-one liner, lipstick and lip treatment. Made from coconut oil, rose flower oil, geranium flower oil, shea butter and Vitamin E – there’s a unique lip shade for everyone!

4. Designer Brands

Launched by Australian couple (Tony and Sharon Rechtman,) Designer Brands has proven that affordability doesn’t mean compromising on ethics or quality. In fact, Designer Brands has achieved Vegan and Cruelty Free Certifications for their entire make-up range – whilst maintaining an average price point between $10 and $20.

What’s more, Designer Brand products are completely free from parabens, talc and bismuth – ubiquitous ingredients which can irritate the skin. Designer Brands has also conducted extensive research to ensure their range does not contain nano-particles, (microscopic crystals and other molecules that can be absorbed by the skin.)

5. Inika

Another Aussie favourite, Inika is certified with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free Organisation (meaning their range is vegan and does not involve animal testing.) Inika has also achieved one of the highest organic standards available worldwide – with certification from the Australian National Organic Standard.

Inika’s gorgeous makeup is made from 100% natural ingredients – such as macadamia oil, vanilla extract, aloe vera, bergamot and more. If you’re looking for beauty products perfect for your face, eyes, lips – look no further than Inika organics!

*Editor’s Note: It does pay to check the ingredients list for any new skincare or beauty purchase you may be considering. Whilst the companies mentioned in this list are committed to cruelty free skincare – certain products may contain beeswax, silk or palm oil. Contact your favourite beauty suppliers for more information!

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