Your guide to ‘accidentally vegan’ Christmas treats

Aussie grocery store launches vegan Christmas loafFor vegans, a Merry Christmas involves plenty of delicious plant-based foods that don’t contribute to the harm of animals or our planet. For some families, providing a vegan-friendly menu may have been tricky in the past.

Today however, the market for vegan and ‘free from’ food products is growing, and many of the festive goodies listed below can be simply sourced at your local supermarket.

‘Accidentally vegan’ food products have also made it easier for vegans to enjoy our favourite Christmas treats without any added fuss – with plum puddings, rum balls and vege roasts just a short grocery shop away! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites on offer this year:

1. Plant Based Loaf – Woolworths brand
(Available at Woolworths stores, pictured above)

Australia’s largest grocery store has launched its own vegan Christmas loaf this year, signaling the growing popularity of plant-based foods! Based on soy with breadcrumbs, cranberries, chickpeas, lentils and spices – this vegan-friendly roast costs as little as $8 and will feed hungry mouths these holidays.

2. Rum Balls – Woolworths brand, White Rum and Chocolate Rum flavours
(Available at Woolworths stores)

Rum balls are a much-loved Christmas favourite! The delicious flavors of rum and cocoa join together, to set our festive taste buds alight. Packs of 8 Bite-Size Chocolate and White Rum Balls are available at Woolworths, and are totally vegan-friendly.

3. Plum Pudding – Woolworths brand, Traditional flavour
(Available at Woolworths stores)

No Christmas is complete without pudding, so we are very excited that Woolworths’ brand traditional plum pudding is vegan-friendly. Be sure to also check out the Woolworths ‘Free From’ range, which includes a dairy-free fruit pudding. Serve with Foster Clark’s custard powder (made on plant-based milk) for a traditional festive treat!

4. Fruit Mince Pies – We Love Cake brand
(Available at Woolworths stores)

Does Christmas even exist without fruit mince pies? These deliciously crisp pastry pies are vegan and gluten free. Filled with rich fruit mince and a dusting of sugar, they’re the perfect treat this holiday season!

5. Matured Christmas Pudding – Coles brand
(Available at Coles stores)

A classic Christmas Pudding made with juicy vine fruits and a hint of cider and brandy, then matured for up to 6 months – what more could a vegan want on Christmas Eve? Serve with Foster Clark’s custard powder (made on plant-based milk) and settle in for Santa’s arrival.

6. Chocolate Santas – Sweet William brand
(Available at Coles stores)

Sweet William came through for us at Easter, and the vegan-friendly brand has done it again this Christmas! A 12-pack of individual Santa chocolates offer the perfect holiday treat, and can even be used as stocking fillers!

7. Marzpan Stollen, Black Forest Stollen, Mini Stollen and Stollen Bites – Kuchenmeister brand (Available at Aldi stores)

These German traditional fruit and nut loafs are vegan-friendly, and almost seem too good to be true! They will add festive flair to any Christmas table setting, and are light on the budget too.

8. Moët & Chandon Champagne
(Available at all good bottle shops and liquor stores)

Christmas is a time for celebrating, so wine not? Kick off the festivities with some bubbly from Moët & Chandon, where all of the nasties are kept out of your glass. Nothing but the finest this holiday season!

9. Cold Brew Iced Coffee – Califia Farms brand
(Available at Woolworths stores)

We all know Santa loves his milk and cookies – however we reckon iced coffees and coconut water are a much cooler treat in the Aussie summer! Califia Farms cold brew beverages are non-GMO, soy free, dairy free, gluten free and vegan. Choose from festive flavours such as Coconut Almond and Cold Brew Mocha. There’s even an Almond Nog for you to enjoy this Christmas!

What are your favourite vegan treats to enjoy throughout the Christmas season?

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