Plant-based dining will be the biggest food trend of 2019

Vegan barbecue kebabs

The Aussie demand for vegan dining options will continue to grow, with food delivery service Uber Eats predicting that plant-based foods will be the number one trend of 2019.

In its latest annual report, Uber Eats ranked plant-based foods at the top of twenty new trends set to dominate 2019. Vegan-friendly options including smoothie bowls, pea milk and seitan all appeared next on the list.

“People aren’t just ordering in Chinese food and pizza anymore. As wellness gets more and more popular, we’ve seen a spike in searches for clean eating staples from meat-alternatives like tofu and seitan”, the report stated.

Uber Eats also revealed the most ordered snacks of 2018. Not surprisingly, avocado on toast remained the year’s most popular choice – whilst tofu, hummus and açaí also made the top twenty.

Brands warned to embrace veganism or be left behind

Coupled with Uber Eat’s plant-based prediction for 2019, experts have also called on food retailers to embrace veganism – or prepare to be left behind.

Leading advocacy group Veganuary, which encourages the public to “try vegan” with a pledge each January, has revealed that many participants are maintaining plant-based habits well into the New Year.

According to Zoe West, Corporate Outreach Manager for Veganuary, the month provides a ‘real opportunity for brands, retailers and restaurants to improve, expand and promote their vegan and plant-based offerings to a wider audience.’

“The interest in vegan options this Veganuary is going to be huge and we know that retailers and brands are planning their biggest vegan launches during the month. The retailers, brands, and restaurants that don’t embrace Veganuary will be missing out.

“We know that regardless of whether Veganuary participants stay vegan full-time after the pledge, those who have taken part consciously choose more plant-based options. This is one of the biggest drivers in the market for vegan products,” Ms West told business media.

Year of the vegan

And in even further proof that plant-based products are our future – international business and finance publisher, The Economist, has also hailed 2019 as ‘the year of the vegan.’

“For the past half-century, veganism has been a minority within a minority. In America in 2015, according to one survey, 3.4% of the population were vegetarian and just 0.4% were vegan. But 2019 will be the year veganism goes mainstream…

[Today] Fully a quarter of 25- to 34-year-old Americans say they are vegans or vegetarians.”

– The Economist

According to correspondent John Parker, millennials will lead the shift towards veganism – whilst business and governments will follow suit.

The Australian Financial Review also reports that veganism is becoming ‘big business,’ with the movement becoming a part of mainstream Western society.


Do you expect to see veganism become more mainstream throughout 2019? What plant-based products would you like to see developed?

Cover image via: Pexels

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