Vogue celebrates Miley Cyrus’ cruelty-free fashion

Miley Cyrus cruelty-free fashionistaPublishing powerhouse Vogue recently celebrated Miley Cyrus’ cruelty-free fashion choices, with an article totally dedicated to the vegan pop-star.

“Cruelty-free fashion is fabulous,” the headline declares – with Vogue claiming Ms Cyrus has provided ‘a masterclass on how to incorporate core beliefs into your wardrobe.’

Photographed while promoting her new single in London, the fashion bible documented three of Ms Cyrus’ looks – with vegan leather and an all-black palette her preferred style.

The star stepped out in Gucci trousers and a turtleneck, then later appeared at the BBC wearing vintage faux fur by Vivienne Westwood and vegan leather boots by Casadei.

A Chanel mini-skirt teamed with Stella McCartney thigh-high boots also made an appearance during Ms Cyrus’ press junket.

Though Ms Cyrus’ wardrobe is out of price ranges for most, her dedication to cruelty-free fashion is something we can all emulate.

“With vegan versions of fur, leather, and wool all in the mix in her wardrobe, Cyrus proves that skipping the authentic materials doesn’t mean sacrificing style”, Vogue reports.

The fashion bible has also predicted that Miley is paving the way for future fashion trends, and cited that cruelty-free clothing will one day become the norm.

“With more and more brands giving up exotic skins and banishing harmful practices in favor of alternatives, Miley’s forward-looking outfits are more than a celebrity style moment. They’re a peek at how we’ll all be dressing in the near future,” Vogue declared.

Though Vogue has also been known to perpetuate the popularity of authentic leather and fur, seeing the publisher dedicate an article to cruelty-free fashion is a notable step forward.

In 2018, major fashion houses including Burberry, Versace, Michael Kors and Gucci all introduced plans to ditch fur from their ranges. 

Do you believe cruelty-free fashion will become the norm? What are your favourite vegan clothing brands?

Cover image via: Facebook, Miley Cyrus

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