Domino’s releases all-new Vegan Summer BBQ pizza

Vegan pizza from Domino'sFollowing the hugely successful launch of its dedicated vegan menu during 2018 – Domino’s has now released an all-new Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza!

Inspired by the tropical flavours of summer – the new pizza is topped with pineapple, mushroom, spinach, red onion, cherry tomatoes and ‘fire roasted’ peppers.

The Vegan Summer BBQ is served on a BBQ sauce base, with an added drizzle of zesty tomato capsicum sauce.

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Mr Nick Knight, said the pizza chain had received ‘lots of requests’ for new vegan options.

“At Domino’s, we’re always hungry to be better and want to deliver the changes customers are asking for, and there’s been a really big appetite for us to expand our Vegan range.

“In 2018, we welcomed more new vegan customers to Domino’s than ever before, which is why we are excited to expand our vegan offering,” Mr Knight said.

The all-new Vegan Summer BBQ was launched on January 22nd, and will become a permanent part of the Domino’s menu.

Since March last year, vegan customers have enjoyed a choice of Domino’s pizza flavours – including Vegan Avocado Veg, Vegan Margherita and Vegan Spicy Veg Trio.

Domino’s also serves up Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread and vegan-friendly Traditional Garlic Bread, to meet growing customer demand in Australia.

In fact, Google Trends data compiled by hospitality website, Chefs Pencil, has revealed that Australians are searching for vegan products online – more than ever before.

In 2018, searches for terms such as ‘veganism,’ and ‘vegan restaurants’ surpassed previous years – with an 11% increase since 2017.

Using this data (in comparison with population sizes,) Chefs Pencil found that veganism is most popular in Australia – with three cities appearing the top 10 search results:

Top Countries
1. Australia
2. United Kingdom
3. New Zealand
4. Sweden
5. Canada
6. Israel
7. United States
8. Ireland
9. Austria
10. Germany

Top Cities
1. Bristol, UK
2. Portland, US
3. Edinburgh, UK
4. Vancouver, CA
5. Seattle, US
6. Manchester, UK
7. London, UK
8. Leeds, UK
9. Los Angeles, US
10. Glasgow, UK

“Veganism is on a major rise world-wide and the days of meat eaters are slowly coming to an end,” Chefs Pencil told its readers.

Which new vegan products would you like to see launched during 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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