Hungry Jack’s makes new additions to its vegan menu!

Australia's major food brands are taken veganism seriously

Hungry Jack’s has shown it’s serious about catering to Australia’s growing vegan market, with the restaurant chain launching an all-new Vegan Breakfast Muffin – whilst trailing another vegan-friendly burger.

The new Vegan Breakfast Muffin combines a vege patty with lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese, vegan mayo and tomato sauce. It’s also available with avocado or lemon garlic dressing.

This exciting breakfast option will be available at all Hungry Jack’s stores across Australia, until 11:00am daily.

Meanwhile, following the highly successful launch of its Vegan Cheeseburger, Hungry Jack’s is now trialing another lunch and dinnertime option for vegan customers. 

The all-new ‘Kinda Meat’ burger consists of a plant-based protein patty, salad, pickles, onion and mayo – with customers able to swap traditional mayonnaise for a vegan option, at no extra cost.

Comments online indicate that the protein patty is prepared separately (fried in canola oil) with other vegan-friendly products – including Hungry Jack’s fries and vege patties.

The Kinda Meat burger is currently being trialed at select stores in New South Wales and the ACT, with Hungry Jack’s hinting at its future roll-out to other stores.

A Facebook post from the fast food chain also promises customers the Kinda Meat burger will be delicious, adding “you’ll be surprised it isn’t beef.”

These latest additions to the Hungry Jack’s menu shows the restaurant chain is serious about serving a growing vegan customer base within Australia. 

In early 2018, Hungry Jack’s made its Vegan Cheeseburger a permanent menu fixtures across 400 stores nationally.

Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Baird, said vegan options are being introduced to ensure there’s “something for everyone” at Hungry Jack’s.

“We are very excited to offer a great value option to the growing number of vegans around the country,” Mr Baird said last year, adding that the reception had been ‘terrific.’

Facebook users have welcomed the news of another vegan-friendly offering at Hungry Jack’s, with many eager to try the Kinda Meat burger at their local store: 

I was just thinking ‘if only they made the vegan burger with faux meat’ and now you’ve done it! It was delicious, good on you for providing more choices (I’m not even vegetarian)

I love this burger and the vegan cheeseburger! Good on you for catering for a wider group of customers. I just wish I could get the kinda meat burger at [my local] store.

I am neither vegan nor vegetarian but I love the vegan cheeseburger and I am definitely trying this one too. Well done HJs

Have you tried the new Kinda Meat burger? Are you excited to see vegan options available at major fast food chains?


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  1. Well, it’s about time, but why isn’t there plant milks provided to go with the vegan meals now being offered? By the way, I have eaten the vegan breakfast muffin with avocado and it’s much smaller than the picture that is advertised in the stores.


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