​Study finds vegan burgers make men feel fuller than beef

Beyond Meat is a popular plant-based burger choiceA recent study, published in the scientific journal Nutrients, has revealed that vegan burgers leave men feeling fuller for longer.

The study compared physiological responses after consuming a burger made from either beef or tofu – with a sample group of men all reporting they felt fuller after eating the vegan option.

According to researchers, vegan meals produce higher levels of beneficial gastrointestinal hormones – resulting in the regulation of glucose metabolism, energy, feelings of satiety, and weight management.

The study involved a group of men with regular health, a group who were identified as obese, and a group with type 2 diabetes. Researchers believe these results could help provide solutions for those people with lifestyle related disease:

“Our findings indicate that plant-based meals with tofu may be an effective tool to increase postprandial secretion of gastrointestinal hormones… These positive properties may have practical implications for the prevention of type 2 diabetes”.

Vegan burgers are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. A burger chain in Finland recently increased its profits by 400% in a single day – after updating their menu to include plant-based Beyond Burgers with dairy-free cheese.

Cover image: Beyond Meat, Facebook

What are your favourite vegan burger options? Share your recommendations in the comments below:

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