bans wool in effort to reduce sheep cruelty has banned wool from its online storeGlobal online fashion brand,, has become the first major retailer to entirely ban wool from its product range.

Following a successful campaign by PETA, the British based retailer has committed to omitting wool from around September this year.

PETA has welcomed the news, claiming this shows the effectiveness of hidden camera investigations – with one such series highlighting the abuse that sheep experience within UK wool farms.

PETA’s director of corporate projects, Yvonne Taylor, said: “PETA is toasting Boohoo group’s compassionate, business-savvy decision to scrap wool.

“Kind shoppers agree that no jumper or scarf is worth kicking, punching, and killing gentle sheep on the shearing floor, and we’re urging other retailers to follow Boohoo’s forward-thinking example.” has previously come under fire, when one of its ‘faux fur’ jackets was found to contain real animal hair.

The jacket was quickly removed by the online retailer, and an internal investigation was launched by management.

Boohoo Group also encompasses brands such as Boohoo, BoohooMan, Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal – all of which will cease to sell woollen fashion pieces.

Stylish, cruelty-free alternatives to wool include cotton, synthetic shearling and Tencel – an innovative, biodegradable wool substitute.

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