Jamie Oliver to release his first ever meat-free cookbook

Jamie Oliver to release vegetarian cookbookCelebrity chef Jamie Oliver plans to release his first ever meat-free cookbook, simply titled ‘Veg’.

The cookbook, published by Penguin Books, is designed to appeal to both long-term vegetarians and people looking to integrate more plant-based meals into their week.

“For me, ‘Veg’ is all about celebrating really good, tasty food that just happens to be meat-free. This book is a collection of recipes that I often cook at home,” Jamie Oliver said in a statement.

“Some [recipes] are quick mid-week dinners, others are more of a weekend luxury, but all of them are easy and delicious.”

Jamie Oliver is a supporter of Veg Power – an initiative that encourages families in the UK to eat more vegetables.

The celebrity chef has previously encouraged his fans to go meat-free, and gave up meat for one week during May last year.

“Jamie has created a groundbreaking and hugely satisfying book which committed meat lovers and long term vegetarians will love in equal measure.

“He is constantly creative and inventive in his cooking and this is no exception,” said publisher Louise Moore.

‘Veg’ will be available from August, and is currently available for pre-order.

Cover image: Jamie Oliver, Facebook

What are your favourite vegan or vegetarian cookbooks? Tell us in the comments below:

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