Gordon Ramsay agrees ‘veganism is on the rise’

Gordon Ramsay shows off vegan beef wellingtonFamed British chef Gordon Ramsay has recognised that ‘veganism is on the rise’, and called for critics of the lifestyle to ‘eat a slice of humble pie’.

After years of criticising vegan food, the Michelin starred chef recently launched a vegan roast dinner at his ‘Bread Street Kitchen’ restaurant in London.

When queried about the dish by television host James Corden on The Late Late Show, Ramsay responded by saying:

“Veganism is on the rise; we have to adapt and eat a piece of humble pie”.

Earlier this year, Ramsay launched a vegan menu to celebrate Veganuary, featuring dishes such as eggplant pizza, mushroom risotto and vegan-friendly ‘beef’ wellington.

Ramsay also hit back at infamous vegan critic and television personality, Piers Morgan, who criticised the chef’s new vegan-friendly menu. 

Morgan had taken to Twitter saying: “Oh FFS, Ramsay… not you as well? This looks utterly revolting.”

Ramsay retorted with: “So Piers Morgan is now a food critic?! Go and f*** yourself! Seriously?”

It seems that even the fiercest critics can no longer deny the ongoing rise of veganism, and we’re excited to see these signs of change!

Cover image: Gordon Ramsay showcases vegan ‘beef’ wellington // Facebook

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