Woolworths launches new vegan halloumi and parmesan!

Edit 22/03: Bio Cheese Halloumi is available at Woolworths, whilst the creamy cheese and parmesan products are available at select independent grocers (such as Ritchies and IGA.) 

My Life Bio Cheese launches new productsThree all-new vegan cheeses will launch in Woolworths stores nationwide this week, offering more dairy alternatives for Australia’s growing plant-based community.

Bio Cheese, a major producer of dairy-free cheese, has announced the arrival of three new products: Bio Cheese Halloumi, Bio Creamy, and Bio Cheese Parmesano.

Bio Cheese Halloumi

Bio Cheese Halloumi promises to provide all the flavours of the Mediterranean, whilst remaining free from dairy.

This new halloumi can be enjoyed raw, grilled or fried as a tapas-style snack – and boasts a melt that resembles traditional cheese.

Bio Cheese Creamy

Bio Cheese Creamy is tipped to be the perfect cream cheese alternative; offering a mild, smooth, and creamy flavour.

Being free from additives and preservatives, this plant-based spread is light on the stomach, but versatile enough to be used in an endless variety of dishes.

Bio Cheese Parmesano

Bio Cheese Parmesano promises a sharp and nutty taste that’s perfect for rich, Italian style cooking

The makers have recreated that strong texture unique to parmesan cheese, making this an ideal accompaniment for pizza, pasta and risottos.

Where can I find the new Bio Cheese range?

All three products are set to be available on Woolworths shelves this week, and will also be stocked at selected independent grocers, including Ritchies and IGAs.

As dairy-free cheeses become increasingly accessible and affordable, Aussie vegans have taken to Facebook to express their excitement:

Planning on making some halloumi chips tonight. Cant wait! I miss halloumi so much. Not anymore though!

It fried up really nicely. Well done !!! I can’t post my mouth-watering pic with this post, but it’s all crispy and brown and yummy.

Bought it! Can’t wait to try!

What are your favourite vegan cheeses? Tell us in the comments below:

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