A vegan woman extends warmth and empathy to all is pleased to have launched a dedicated Facebook group to support animal advocacy and environmental activism.

Activism @ will share petitions, public campaigns and event information to support vegan advocacy within Australia.

If you have an activism related event to share, please contact our team via and we will happily promote the details.

Animal advocacy is a commitment that many vegans make to educate others, reduce harm, and ultimately bring about a world free from animal cruelty and exploitation.

Every time another Australian decides to change their existing lifestyle habits, we are one step closer to achieving this vision of a kinder and more peaceful society.

The harsh truth about how animals are mistreated and exploited can leave many of us feeling alone, frustrated and even depressed.

Activism is a positive way of channelling these intense emotions into action that can bring about constructive change.

For your advocacy efforts to be effective, it’s helpful to be armed with knowledge about the way animals are mistreated today.

In addition, vegans should be well-versed about topics such as nutrition, climate change and even social trends; as you may encounter these debates.

Here are some excellent resources that can support your advocacy efforts today:

  • Nutriciously, How to become a vegan activist (and be super effective)
  • Roy Morgan, The slow but steady rise of veganism in Australia
  • Voiceless, What is factory farming?
  • One Green Planet, 10 alarming facts about the lives of factory farmed animals
  • Vegan Australia, Global warming and animal agriculture
  • PETA, The truth about humans and eating meat
  • Eating Well, 9 healthy tips to help you start eating a vegan diet
You can join our dedicated activism group online: