Contact the team is backed by a dedicated team of accredited communications professionals, with proven experience in both traditional and digital media. 

We are passionate about bringing veganism into the mainstream, and can provide plant-based brands with tailored communication strategies to boost engagement, increase brand awareness and ultimately drive new sales.

Our team is proud to offer a range of services including:

  • Content production,
  • Corporate communications,
  • Digital analytics,
  • Publicity campaigns,
  • Social media management,
  • Website management.

Content production has proven success in producing highly shareable content that has reached over 200 000 Australians monthly. Our experts regularly produce viral videos, social media updates and written blog content that covers trending topics, lifestyle inspiration and much more.

The team includes professionally trained journalists, videographers, photographers and graphic designers, who can produce effective and engaging content tailored for your brand. We use a targeted approach to content production, ensuring that we identify your key audience demographics to increase reach and engagement organically.

Create powerful content tailored for your brand

Digital analytics 

To stay competitive in 2018, brands require a strategic blend of traditional and digital marketing. The team can recommend the most efficient ways to capture your ideal customers using digital analytics. We have a demonstrated understanding of online consumer behaviour, and can actively monitor online trends, identify opportunities for automation and plan targeted online advertising for your brand.

Our team is well-versed in digital marketing metrics, such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, Facebook Insights and the AHREFS toolset. These metrics allow us to track audience figures, conversion rates and other data that is crucial in developing successful digital marketing strategies.

Publicity campaigns

The team can boost your brand’s media profile with highly effective publicity campaigns. Our experts have generated over $200 000 in free publicity for numerous brands; with the results being published by leading business, news and lifestyle media.

We’ve contributed to articles by APN News & Media, Fairfax Media and NewsCorp; including features in Good Health Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness, Mamamia, Popsugar, The Australian and 7 News.

Developing positive news coverage about your company remains one of the most effective means to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. To ensure our publicity campaigns are successful, has spent years establishing excellent working relationships with a diverse range of media professionals. Our networks include print and radio journalists, television producers and online influencers.

We have extensive experience in establishing win-win collaborations with high-profile influencers who can amplify the reach of your brand, creating new followers and mobilising existing customers to become loyal brand advocates.

Publicise your brand with the help of

Social media has proven success in creating engaging social media content for highly responsive audiences. In our first month online, we reached over 200 000 Australians, and developed an active social media audience that continues to grow daily. Social media is an incredibly cost-effective means to promote your brand organically, and to connect directly with your target demographics.

Our team has a proven background in social media strategy; having been involved in creating and managing content for some of Australia’s top-performing Facebook pages. We are also highly skilled in developing shareable content for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and emerging social media platforms.

We use a range of scheduling tools to ensure that your social media content is served at the most advantageous times, to reach the maximum audience. The team will stay abreast of current social media trends to ensure your brand is well-placed to compete in today’s rapid digital market.

Most importantly, our team is genuinely connected with Australia’s plant-based community. We have a thorough understanding of user-generated content, and we understand how to mobilise vegan audiences online.

Website management

The team can effectively monitor, maintain and manage your website. Our team has proven experience in using a range of content management systems and eCommerce platforms. We regularly update web content, to ensure your site is both user-friendly and meets fundamental criteria for SEO (search engine optimisation). can provide website management services that are tailored for your business. We have a demonstrated understanding of internet technology, the ability to craft well-written copy, and experience using online directories that are most relevant to vegan brands.

In addition, our team can operate your CRM system and respond directly to customer enquiries online. We have proven experience in crafting EDMs (electronic direct mail-outs) that effectively engage your target markets, whilst maintaining open and click-through rates that are far above industry average.

We can support your plant-based brand with targeted strategies

Corporate communications

The team will stay attuned to your brand’s overarching business objectives when liaising with the media and the public alike. Our corporate specialties include crisis communications, internal communications and corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns.

As professionally trained journalists, we can help your brand navigate challenging news topics in a positive manner that protects your organisation. The team can ensure your brand has control of the news cycle during high-pressure scenarios. In addition, we can act as crisis managers, liaising directly with our extensive network of media professionals on behalf of your brand.

The team has a track record of creating highly effective internal communications, including EDMs, video content and social media. We can liaise directly with your employees, to ensure your entire organisation stays educated, informed and motivated. Our team can also promote your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, meaning that your brand is recognised for its community contributions.

Sound good? Contact the team to discuss how we can promote and support your brand today. Email or use our online enquiry form. We look forward to working with you!